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How It Works

Register For FREE!

Starting a Diaper Shower for yourself, a loved one,  friend,  or coworker is Easy & FREE! The form only takes two minutes! (did we mention easy?) Complete your Diaper Shower registration HERE!


Your Diaper Shower is unique, just like the future little one everyone is celebrating! You can add a personalized message or photo to make your Diaper Shower fun & personal. 

Spread The Word!

Yell it from the rooftop! Once your online form is processed and your Diaper Shower active, it's time to share your registry with the world (or just family and friends, up to you!) You will receive an email that includes your unique sharable links. We’ll guide you through sharing your Diaper Shower via social media, emails, and texts.

You can also find your unique Diaper Shower registry by clicking on the  SEARCH DIAPER SHOWERS tab in the menu! 

Receive Secure Gifts!

Family and friends will visit your Diaper Shower registry and be able to make confident, secure gifts online.  


Diaper Shower uses the award-winning giving platform GiveButter. Supporters will be able to send you a personal message with their gift, dedicate their gift in remembrance of a loved one, or remain anonymous if they wish. 

Shop Brands You Love & Trust!

When your Diaper Shower closes, you will receive a coupon code for 100% of the funds raised during your registry. You will be able to redeem your funds in the DIAPER SHOWER SHOP.


With credit to the Diaper Shower Shop, you have the flexibility to order exactly what you want, when you need it! Order the brands you trust in the sizes your baby needs. With FREE shipping on all products, you can shop once in bulk or make multiple purchases as your baby grows and their needs change. 

Fast & FREE Shipping!

Enjoy your diaper shopping spree by topping it off with FREE Shipping! Your diapers will arrive at your doorstep in 4-5 business days and will always ship for free (please allow 1-2 days to process your order.)


Skip the lines and save time by managing your Diaper Shower from the comfort and safety of your home.

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