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Help families save money and time

by simplifying the diaper gifting process


Meet The Diaper Ladies




Melissa Ashley

Also affectionately known as

Mama  & Aunt Lissa


Melissa Cleota 2020.jpg

Diaper Shower was founded by sisters-in-law Kirstin and Melissa Ashley after a conversation about the struggles and challenges of parenthood. Of the many problems all parents tackle on a daily basis, diapers are no doubt a big one! There is always an added expense and hassle of going to the store, choosing the correct size and style of diaper, wrestling with the large boxes. With these issues in mind, Diaper Shower was, well... born! 



As a mother of three young daughters, I understand the importance of time. Whether it’s running to the store, laundry, or mealtime there is always something for us parents to do. I found it nearly impossible to keep diapers in our house and people were always asking, “what do the girls need?” The answer was simple and always the same… “DIAPERS!”


This sparked the idea for Diaper Shower. A fun and easy way to send diapers to loved ones! Whether you are like me and have multiple children in diapers at one time or hosting a baby shower for your new bundle of joy, Diaper Shower is here to help!

- Kirstin Ashley

Not being a mother myself, I struggled when looking for a baby shower present. Finally, I realized I could never go wrong buying diapers! Fast forward to standing in the diaper aisle with no clue what size, brand, or absorbancy to buy.  What I thought would be a simple, stress-free task either turned into a phone-a-friend moment or grabbing one and hoping for the best. 

Kirstin and I started this business because we come to the table with the perspectives of both the diaper gifter and giftee! Diaper Shower not only benefits expecting parents but also family, friends, and coworkers (like me) that want to give a valuable gift while also getting the most bang for their buck. 

                             - Melissa Ashley

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